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He was one of eight children born to Pedro Moreno Esquivel, an impoverished mail carrier, and María de la Soledad Reyes Guízar (from Cotija, Michoacan).

Cantinflas confirmed this version in 1992, in his last television interview.He made it through difficult situations with the quick wit and street smarts that he would later apply in his films.His comic personality led him to a circus tent show, and from there to legitimate theatre and film.A 20-year legal battle followed between Mario Moreno Ivanova, Cantinflas' son and heir to his estate, and the actor's blood nephew Eduardo Moreno Laparade over the control of 34 films made by Cantinflas.The nephew claimed his uncle gave him a written notice In 2005, Mario Moreno Ivanova, Jr. At the same time, there was another legal battle between Columbia Pictures and Moreno Ivanova over control of these films.

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