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RKO has long been renowned for its cycle of musicals starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the mid- to late 1930s.

Kennedy's Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) studio were brought together under the control of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in October 1928.Lapid tops Netanyahu in latest Knesset poll ' I'm not angry at Deri, I'll give him a hug' Rabbi's daughter, ex-Defense Min, breakaway MK mull joint run Fuming Netanyahu urges law banning surreptitious recordings ' Why did someone need to die for us to get electricity?' ' I refuse to use government bodyguards' Report: Two Arab rioters killed during clashes with IDF soldiers Stabbing attack foiled near Tomb of the Patriarchs Bereaved widow to PM: ' We want to live here as proud Jews' ' He learned everything there was in the Torah' ' Our revenge - turn Havat Gilad into a city' Trump: Interview with special counsel 'unlikely' ' I heard 'they shot me,' I recognized Raziel's voice' Watch: Rabbi Shevach dancing with his children Muslims to outnumber Jews in US by 2040 Trump questions taking immigrants from certain countries Report: Bannon to testify in Russia probe Trump: I 'probably' have a very good relationship with Kim ' Bless You for not creating me a woman' ' Diaspora Jews always helped Israel - now Israel can help them' MK Yogev's mother passes away Chief Rabbi speaks out against death penalty for terrorists Why did Trump congratulate haredi couple at their wedding?In charge of production was William Le Baron, who had held the same position at FBO.The new company's two initial releases were musicals: The melodramatic Syncopation, which actually completed shooting before FBO was reincorporated as RKO, premiered on March 29, 1929.

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RCA chief David Sarnoff engineered the merger to create a market for the company's sound-on-film technology, RCA Photophone.

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